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How our Chocolates are Made?

To keep the taste of our Chocolate Snacks authentic, we ensure that we use the best recipe add each ingredient with care and love so that perfect amount of sweetness and flavor is given to our chocolate. Cocoa Powder, Milk Powder, Fat, Emulsifier and Flavors are the ingredients we add to our chocolate which are processed and mixed in the Ball Mill which we have installed in our facility. After which the prepared mixture is passed to the melting tank where we attain the rich creamy texture of the prepared chocolate. Which is further frozen in the freezer we have. Lastly we take complete care and caution in packing our product so to make our production more efficient and effective we are equipped with top quality Packaging & and sealing machines.

Quality Checking and Assuring

Owing to our strict quality policies, firstly we comply to the norms set by international regulatory authorities, on the basis of those norms, monitoring and surveying of the foods is done. Hygiene is also a part of this quality and to make sure cleanliness in our facility, we regularly wash the machines and provide our experts with the necessary hygiene wears. Further, for reassuring the quality and earning trust of the customers we do the below stated tests:-

  • Sieve Test
  • FFA Tests
  • Tests for Peroxide Value

Distribution Network

We have established a network of trusted distributors which helps us in reaching our clients in a hassle free manner. Our employees ensure coordination with our distributors to ensure our products are delivered in a safe packaging to clients and within the committed time frame.

We are dealing in Pune Maharashtra Only
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